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Wall Tie Replacement specialists in Yorkshire.

Strength from Within: Elevate Stability with Wall Tie Replacements Yorkshire.

Your property is secure and protected against potential structural issues.

Masters of property preservation and maintenance, Beech Damp Proofing and Timber Treatments offers an expansive spectrum of construction services for clientele across the region. Our expertise lies in domestic property repair and rejuvenation, ranging from the effective damp-proofing of basements, meticulous restoration of deteriorated timber floorboards and wall tie replacement yorkshire. 

When it comes to dependable building solutions at competitive rates, don't hesitate to engage our skilled professionals. Reach out to Beech Damp Proofing and Timber Treatments to benefit from our expert craftsmanship and dedicated service.

Why do I need to be cautious of wall tie's?

The causes behind wall tie failure can be varied, including issues like the corrosion of metal ties, improper installation practices, and the use of subpar mortar. If any of these issues ring true for your property, don't hesitate to reach out to us, we're committed to resolving your concerns and ensuring the long-lasting resilience of your property.

Wall ties, essential components within your wall cavity, are metal rods strategically placed to maintain the cohesion between the inner and outer layers of your structure, upholding its overall stability.

Damage to these ties can arise from factors like corrosion or stress. The specialised team at Beech Damp Proofing and Timber Treatments is poised to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your wall cavity, meticulously identifying any damage present and subsequently executing thorough repairs.


  • Wall Tie Replacement
  • Damp rising prevention
  • Damaged wallpaper removal and replacement
  • Damp proofing basements
  • Re-plastering and refurbishments
  • Damp coursing and membranes
  • Black mould and condensation formation
  • Quick and high-quality work
  • Water-damaged wall repairs

We have over 35 years of experience in our trade.

Our prices are extremely competitive and honest.

Our experts can provide a complete range of solutions.